Parents Visa

Bringing your Parents to Australia

A summary of the main criteria for the parent visas are as follows:

Parent(s) must be sponsored by a child who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident who is normally resident in Australia for at least the last two years.

If applying in Australia, the parents in most cases need to be of retirement age (65 years for male and 63 years for female). If applying from overseas there is no minimum age requirement for the parent.

The applicant must satisfy the “Balance of Family test”, meaning the number of children who are lawfully and permanent resident in Australia must be:

  • Greater than or equal to the total number of children who are resident overseas, or
  • Greater than the greatest number of children who are resident in any single overseas country.

The Australian government has introduced the “contributory” parent visa categories, which requires the payment of a much higher application fee to cover medical expenses, but which are processed much faster than the old parent visa applications, which can currently take a very long time to secure.

For applicants who are able to pay visa charges per person, they will be able to be granted permanent residency fairly speedily. Email our office for the latest fees and waiting time.

Note the contributory fees increases with inflation each year.

There is also the option to pay part of the above fee and obtain a Temporary visa for up to 2 years, at which time the balance of the fee must be paid to obtain Permanent Residency.

Note that the contributory parent visas also require a $10,000.00 plus, 10 year Assurance of Support bond plus further bonds for dependants on the application.

Start your application now as the queue is long. If you would like to discuss the options available to you, please contact our office and one of our Registered Migration Agents will contact you to advise which options best suit your needs.


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